The fastest way from A to B 

Skip the queues and take-off within minutes of arriving at the airport. With FLYT, you’ll spend more time in the air than on the ground.

Door-to-door service

Relax in the knowledge that FLYT will take care of everything. Our global network of private jet, helicopter and private car providers will whisk you from door-to-door. Not just airport to airport.

COVID secure

Reduce your risk of catching COVID-19. Avoid busy airports and crowded commercial flights, while travelling with your chosen ‘bubble’ of family, friends or colleagues. Your aircraft will be deep cleaned prior to boarding and all crew members will have tested negative for the virus.

For Business

Time and space to work

Conduct business en-route, in total privacy. With private jet charter, you can fly to multiple locations and meet multiple clients in a single day.

Fly at a moment’s notice

With our ‘Go Now’ private jet charter service, you can be in the air in as little as 60 minutes. React to emerging opportunities faster than competitors and gain an edge in today’s ever-changing business world.

Arrive prepared

Avoid the stress of airport queues and connecting flights. Sleep or work, in the air, so that you can be at your best, on the ground.

For Leisure

A bespoke experience

Plan exclusive trips that you’ll remember forever. With private jet charter, the possibilities are endless. You could eat breakfast in Paris, lunch in Milan and dinner in New York.

Whenever, wherever

Fly to more than 40,000 destinations worldwide, at the times that suit you best. Discover exclusive, remote locations that can’t be reached by commercial flights.

Travel, your way

Tailor each flight to your exact requirements. Choose from thousands of aircraft and enjoy truly personalised in-flight dining and entertainment.

Why Choose FLYT?

Instant quotes

FLYT won’t ask you to make an ‘enquiry’. We’ll provide an online quote within seconds, so that you can be in the air within hours.


At FLYT, we charge for the miles you fly; not for the ones you don’t. With no membership necessary, you could take your first flight today. Just send us your chosen departure point, destination and departure time. We’ll do the rest.

Global availability

With a worldwide network of thousands of aircraft, we’ll always have the perfect jet available. We’ll get you to your destination on time, every time.

The highest of standards

We only work with the world’s leading private jet operators so you can rest assured that you’ll be flying in good hands. We conduct extensive due diligence on our partners and are always happy to share their Air Operator Certificates with you, before you book.